Pilates, Teacher Training, Mindfulness

Class Description

Pilates for Beginners / intro to reformer

These classes are best for beginners or anyone wanting a refresher after an absence. Surprise yourself, even if a seasoned participant from another school of pilates. At fit from within we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We offer more than a pilates class, more of an holistic experience where each client is treated as an individual. Our class sizes are small to ensure proper attention and correction.

Power Pilates

Reccommended for anyone wanting a more challenging workout but please be warned- this is still pilates, we are not following the trend of 'fitness pilates' where the integrity of this artform can easily be lost!​ If you want fitness without good alignment then go to the gym!

Sunrise Pilates

A class for the earlybird- all levels welcome! A free cuppa at the end of the class too!

After work Pilates

Come in from work & help yourself to a cuppa!​ All levels welcome.

Reformer Pilates

All of our classes use reformers, as well as cadillac, ladder barral, wander chair, rings, balls and mat. We use what your body needs. The beauty of having a fully equipped studio!​

Pilates Posture

All of our pilates classes work very much on posture. Sometimes we focus more on particular areas, if your posture needs alot of work, then here's your class.

Pilates for bad backs

Many of our clients come to us initially with various back issues. Pilates is now proven to be the no.1 exercise for bad backs. This class is gentle and specifically for those with particular back problems/pain.We always reccommend private pilates over groups, at least to begin with.​ So if this is possible for you, please do invest in a private session prior to joining this class- we insist!


Mindfulness classes at fit from within teach the art of real presence, and are great for anyone suffering with anxiety or simply wanting to experience more joy and innerpeace in their life!​

Tai Chi

Wayne is a world class award winning tai chi teacher, his classes are clear, easy to follow and very enjoyable. Tai Chi is a moving meditation and great for stress relief.


Wayne is an expert dance teacher who teaches many styles and is available for privates or group sessions.​( see Wayne's teacher profile)

Weight training for fat loss

Weight training is often incorporated at some point during a class, using the pilates principles of proper alignment. Liz is very keen that the over 40's get to maintain muscle mass which helps with fat loss. Over the age of 40 we begin to lose muscle mass and an alarming rate. And yet some simple exercises can restore and maintain the muscular body easily and actually reverse the aging process!

Mindfulness/Heart Circling

Shakti is a Heart IQ facilitator who hold regular events . Heart Circling is all about learning how to speak from the heart. It's like mindfulness but 10 times more beautiful! Please see Shakti's website 'Riseshakti.com' for further info.

Shakti Flow Yoga

Shakti will be teaching this new class during retreats and workshops and on Monday evenings in the studio.It's a beautiful combination of yoga, dance, weights and ecstatic dance.​

Personal Session with Shakti

Shakti's commitment and experience in her field of expertize is being offered as a one off or a series of transformative life changing sessions for those who are ready to make a real difference to their life. In a two and a half hour session we look at the whole body. Mind, body, emotional, spiritual. The session includes coaching, pilates,yoga ,mindfulness,and sometimes some spiritual channelling.
One hour session in Pilates or any of the above including Reiki Healing is also available.

Open Class

This is an opportunity to access the studio for your own workout, using all of the equipment. This is only available to Fit From Within Members who have attended a minimum of 3 months. Standard and Gold memberships are available and can be booked by clicking here http://fitfromwithin.co.uk/fit-from-within-membership/