Pilates, Teacher Training, Mindfulness


All classes are 55 minutes duration


09.15am Pilates Posture –
10.15am Intro to the reformer pilates
11.15am Pilates all levels
12.15pm One to Ones
1.15pm One to Ones
2.15pm One to Ones
5.30pm Beginners Pilates


9.45am Pilates – FULL
10.45am Power Pilates
11.45am Over 60's Pilates
​6.45pm Pilates all levels
7.45pm Pilates all levels​
8.45pm One to Ones


7.30hrs Sunrise Pilates
08.30am Pilates - all levels
9.30am Hip Replacement Class (Full)
10.30am Tai Chi–
18.15hrs Pilates- all levels
7.​15​pm Pilates Matwork/small equipment -All levels
​8.15pm Pilates Reformer - All Levels


9.30am Beginners Pilates
10.30am Pilates Reformer =All Levels
11.30am Power Pilates + Rebounder!
17.30hrs After work Pilates
18.30hrs Privates
19.30hrs Pilates -all levels​
20.30 Beginner reformer Pilates


07.30 Sunrise Pilates
09.30hrs Pilates Posture (Full)
10.30hrs Beginner reformer pilates
11.30hre Power Pilates + Rebounder!
12.30- 16.30 hrs One to one Pilates
17.30hrs After work Pilates
18.30hrs Pilates Reformer - All Levels


09.15hrs Pilates advanced FULL
10.15hrs Reformer Pilates FULL
11.15AM Reformer pilates All levels
12.15 Beginners Pilates
13.30hrs STREETDANCE All ages!
14.30hrs Beginners Pilates
15.30hrs Pilates & Weight training for fat loss
4.30pm One to Ones


09.30 Pilates Beginners
10.30hrs Power Pilates
11.30 Pilates for bad backs ( gentle class)​

And before starting ......

We always reccommend at least one or two private sessions before starting any group class. During this session we can get 'to know your body' and your specific requirements, goals and health challenges.​ Even if you've done pilates for many years, you might be surprised at what you will learn, as we work with the latest pilates/body/mind knowledge which is ever evolving!