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I’ve just spent 7 days in Northern Bali in a beautiful retreat centre studying to become an ecstatic dance facilitator.

So what exactly is ecstatic dance?

Ecstatic dance is basically a rave and a meditation rolled into one and without drink or drugs. A wide variety of music is played, completely dependent on the choice of the deejay. I love how there’s such a great mix of house, dance, pop and tribal and everything in between. At times i felt like I was at the Sundown club, Charing cross Rd, circa 1978 and at other times imagined I was at a rave. And then at the ballet, and then in a meditation class. I love the diversity. It’s so ‘me’!

Ecstatic Dance Temple was created by Seth Newman

An American living in London and who lived on Osho retreats at a child. Seth has studied ecstatic dance for over 15 years and is the creator of London’s successful URUBU – holding various ecstatic trance dance events and cacao ceremonies in and around London. He has built up a strong and loyal following.
I am a new fan and plan to dance in London again- after a thirty year break.
Cool, huh?

Facilitator training
I feel honoured to be part of Seth’s very first teacher training. His vision was birthed this June in the paradise island of Bali. We spenT a week on a beautiful retreat centre in the north of Bali literally on the edge of the ocean. We danced, cried, screamed, cried, laughed, sang, ate together. We had a trance silent dance on full moon on the beach and learnt how to deejay.
It was one of the best weeks of my life!

There is a growing conscious community in the world, those of us who know it’s possible to have a brilliant time without the need for alcohol or drugs. Dancing is one of the best ways to connect with our true self, to live fully i believe we must dance! To allow the body, this awesomely intelligent magnificent home to the soul, to experience itself, not just as a physical moving matter, but as the emotional body, as the connection to our soul, to our ‘higher self’ to our divinity.

Dance as if no one is watching
We do this in ecstatic dance. We are not following a routine nor repeating our favorite steps. Weallow the music to move us! The different types of music, ‘the wave’ the build up , becomes the trance, the music becomes quite ravey and with a beat, then turns to flow, gentle, peaceful, and finally to deep relaxation.

It’s a journey

The dance becomes a journey. A journey to self. To express, to release, to experience. To breath and to be breathed.